Boubyan Invest is a digital investment tool created by Boubyan Capital, designed for those who are looking to build a smart investment portfolio. As the first fully Shariah-Compliant Robo Advisory, it is an intuitive digital investment platform that provides smart investing without high fees or hassle associated with traditional investment.

The platform facilities personalized automated investment based on the client’s individual risk levels.

Boubyan Invest provides two shariah-compliant investment streams:

  • Robo Advisory: Customized investments constructed to match specific client goals and risk tolerance. This stream allows investment in various asset classes via smart investment portfolios tailored specifically to clients.
  • Boubyan Capital Funds: This is a standardized investment stream which allows clients to access and select from an array of leading Shariah-Compliant funds managed by Boubyan Capital.

Boubyan Invest is available to both Kuwaiti and Non-Kuwaiti nationals. To open a Boubyan Invest account, you need to:

  • Have and maintain a valid Kuwaiti residency.
  • Invest and maintain a minimum account balance of USD 5,000
  • Be 21 years of age and older

To start investing with Boubyan Invest click here.

For more information, contact 1803800 or email: